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Subsidiary Facility

HOME Condominium Subsidiary Facility Food & Beverage Section

Food & Beverage Section

The following are the information on subsidiary facilities of the Ladena Condominium. Guests will be treated to a delightful gastronomic experience through Korean dishes, western dishes, and various dishes from the outdoor garden barbecue. As for the guests who seek comfortable rest and excitement, they will be highly pleased at the member’s lounge. hey will be highly pleased at the member’s lounge.

Additional facilities

1. Outdoor Barbecue
photo : Ladena Condominium Outdoor Barbecue
Every Friday/Saturday night, the outdoor garden barbecue buffet is being held
at the Euiam Lake, the swimming pool garden characterized by the cool lake
breeze. Buffet dishes include appetizers, salads, Asian dishes, Mongolian
dishes, various types of Korean pancakes, warm dishes, roasted and fried
dishes served instantly and desserts.
Serving bottomless fresh draft beer, the outdoor garden barbecue is certainly
a place you don’t want to miss in the Ladena Resort.

Reservation Inquiry 033)240-8113

2. DAFFODIL(Coffee, Western Restauran)
photo : Ladena Condominium DAFFODIL(Coffee, Western Restauran)
Having the Euiam Lake as its background, Daffodil is a restaurant that offers
delicious food as well as the great view of the Chuncheon lake.
Fresh seasonal fruit juices and various western dishes are being offered to
delight your taste buds. This is the place where you can have dinner while
savoring a cup of tea.

Location Lobby on 1F

Operation Hour 07:00~21:00

Inquiry 033)240-8400

3. SOYANGKANG (Korean Restaurant)
photo : Ladena Condominium SOYANGKANG (Korean Restaurant)
At Soyangkang, you can enjoy traditional Korean dishes while marveling at the
view of the Euiam Lake. Pure and deep Korean dishes at Soyangkang will
delight you with diverse flavors and aroma. Seating Capacity : 100 seats

Location 1F

Seating Capacity 100 Seats

Operation Hour 07:00~10:00 / 11:00~14:30 / 17:30~20:00

Inquiry 033)240-8500

photo : Ladena Condominium JAN CHA
Delightful songs, pleasant conversations, fresh draft beer, and live concerts
definitely make this place a lot more fun and exciting for the guests.
The live music concert presents an upbeat feeling to the guests.
Members can use member’s only seats.

Location B1

Seating Capacity 180 Seats

Operation Hour 15:00~24:00

Inquiry 033)240-8600

photo : Ladena Condominium LAKE VIEW
Lake View is a lounge that is exclusive for members.Savor your favorite drink
while enjoying the music and the splendid views of the lake and beautiful night
sky. At Lake View, you will feel at ease as if you just met a longtime friend.

Location 2F

Operation Hour 18:00~24:00

Inquiry 033)240-8300



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